Recommend Bug Zapper Indoor & Outdoor, Mosquito Zapper Electric,Indoor



Why choose our indoor bug zapper/mosquito trap/ bug zapper indoor/fly zapper indoor?
✔The fly zapper is suitable for indoor and outdoor, it can effectively kill mosquitoes and insects.
✔ABS plastic guard designed to prevents electricity shock.
✔Safe for the whole family at night.
✔Almost no sound at work,you can enjoy a quiet and mosquito-free summer night.
✔Easy to use and equipped with a hook to hang.
✔Be protected like bedroom, living room, office, toilet, kitchen, hotel etc.
✔Place the mosquito killer on a stable base or hang it on a hook and plug it into a power outlet.

How to use the mosquito zapper/mosquito trap/fly zapper indoor?
➀Plug the plug into the socket, then turn on the red switch, it emits a purplish blue light and starts working.
➁You can put the mosquito killer underground or hang it outside.
➂The last thing is to twist the chassis and clean up the fallen mosquitoes with the complimentary brush.
④ Rinse and dry the mosquito storage box .

Product Specifications:
Weight : 0.94lb
Size : 9.64*6.29*5.51 in
Bug zapper x 1
Yellow small brush x 1

【High Effective Bug Zapper】The bug zapper indoor and outdoor is high powerful with 4200V electric grid and light bulb. It attracts and kills most insect instantly, like mosquitoes, flies, moths, bees and gnat. It avoid short circuit. Turn the mosquito zapper indoor on three hours before bedtime will have the best effect.
【Safe for Human】The mosquito trap is safe for human. It does not cause annoying noise.The indoor bug zapper is with the protective plastic ABS housing and soft light. The durable ABS lampshade well protect children and pests from touching the high-voltage grid.
【Easy to Use & Clean】Just put the plug into the socket and press the switch to use it.The bug zapper indoor is with removable collection tray at the bottom, it is very easy to clean the electric mosquito killer.And twist, empty and rinse. We send you a small brush together for convenient clean.
【Multiple Applicable Occasions】Our mosquito killer lamp is widely used for indoors and outdoors. With the coverage area of 2100 ft², bug zapper indoor helps to avoid the annoying bugs while you have party outdoor. The fly zapper is suitable for office, home, patio, backyard, camping, restaurants, hotels.
【Great Service & Satisfaction】Not same with other fly traps,our bug zapper is design specially for better customer satisfaction like unique, effective, safe, widely use. If you have any questions for our mosquito zapper, you can always contact us,we promise to respond within 24 hours. Adding it to your shopping cart now!