Recommend Dissolvable Food Storage Labels for Home and Restaurant –



Dissolvable Food Storage Labels by Home Safety Products – 500 Labels Per Roll
Key Features:

  • Easy to Remove
  • Perfect Dissolvable Labels for Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastic Containers and more
  • Dissolves in Water In 30 Seconds
  • No Adhesive Residue left behind after washing them off. Label is completely removed during the washing proocess.
  • Service Temperature Range: -40° F to 176° F (-40° C to +80° C) –
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 21° F (-6° C)


Dissolvable Paper SC is a 37# off-white, supercalendered sheet that is highly water soluble and dissolves
within seconds in normal tap water.

Wash-away emulsion acrylic adhesive with moderate tack and adhesion. This specialty adhesive is designed with a “wash-away” feature completely dissolving within seconds in normal tap water.

FDA Compliance:
Title 21, Section 175.105 of the Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR 175.105). Compliance
to this regulation permits the use of this adhesive in applications for which the adhesive either (1) is separated from the food by a functional barrier, which will prevent the migration of any of the adhesive components to thefood, or (2) has incidental contact with food limited to the trace amount at the seams or the edges of the label.

Easily identify your stored food products – room to record all important information, allergies, contents, dates, etc.
Versatile / Removes Easily – adheres to many surfaces while dissolving quickly in less than 30 seconds with regular tap water or in your dishwasher.
Works in the freezer – works great in the freezer so you can easily identify stored foods, baby’s formula, meats, etc.
Dishwasher safe: label dissolves completely in the dishwasher – no need to remove label ahead of time.
Large application range – label can be applied to in a wide temperature range from -40° to 176° F.