Recommend Emergency Zone 5mm Nylon Braided, 50 Foot, Multi-Purpose



Rope is a must need tool that should always be with you. Whether you are camping, hiking, driving, or trying to survive, rope is your best friend. It has uses from hanging clothes, to securing your shelter. This rope is LIGHTWEIGHT and easy to store. It is 5mm braided NYLON to add that extra STRENGTH. There is no reason to not have this rope in your car, survival kit, or backpack. With its universal uses, it can save your life in numerous situations. This rope could change your life.
This 5mm rope has nylon braiding around a single inner nylon braided cord
Great for the house, car, boat, camper, RV or office
50 Feet is perfect for hiking, camping, emergency kits, etc
Emergency Zone Brand
This rope is NOT intended for rock climbing or rappelling. It is designed to be used for light to moderate weight objects and jobs.