Recommend Logitech Mouse Pad – Studio Series, Computer Mouse Mat with



Logitech Mouse Pad – Studio Series Logitech Mouse Pad is a soft, smooth, anti-slip mouse pad made from quality materials that lets you glide away with your favourite Logitech Mouse. A fine weave material cuts the friction, so your mouse glides effortlessly and silently on the mat. Spill-proof coating withstands accidental mishaps, so liquids can easily be wiped away(1). The cloth mouse pad’s soft surface fabric provides a comfortable mousing experience, while the rubber(3) anti-slip base prevents sliding on any surface, keeping a firm hold on your desk no matter what. Our carefully chosen materials include a base made from natural rubber, plus surface and inner layer(2) made from recycled polyester, giving a second life to PET bottles. Team up your mouse and laptop or computer with the colourful and stylish Logitech Mouse Pad to elevate your workspace wherever you are. Product details: Dimensions: 7.9 x 9.1 in (20 x 23 cm) Thickness: 0.08 in (2 mm) in rubber base Weight: 2.6 oz (73 g) Base: Anti-slip rubber base Spill-repellent design(1) (1) Tested under limited conditions. Wipe clean with a damp cloth after max. 2 minutes. (2) 13% of the total weight. (3) Products containing natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Move and glide effortlessly: The Studio Series mouse pad features a smooth, comfortable cloth surface with a fine weave for effortless, silent gliding on any surface whether in the office or at home
Spill-repellent, easy to clean: The desk pad’s coated surface lets you easily wipe away any accidental mishaps; wipe liquids clean with a damp cloth
Crafted with precision: Say goodbye to fraying thanks to the anti-fray, durable flat-stitch edges; plus, get added stability from the anti-slip, rubber base (contains latex)
Carefully chosen materials: Travel mouse pad made from comfortable surface fabric and inner layer(2) using recycled polyester, giving a 2nd life to PET bottles, anti-slip base from natural rubber
Pair with your Logitech Mouse: Fresh color and modern design make Logitech Mouse Pad a suitable accomplice for your wired, wireless or Bluetooth mouse, taking your work setup to new heights